Permanent Make Up

Permanent Make Up (tattooing) typically lasts up to 3 to 5 years

All permanent make up applications are in TWO sessions

(Repairing past work can take up to several more sessions than priced)

Eyebrows $850-$1,000
(price varies on detail/style)

Eyeliner - Upper $650
Eyeliner - Lower $400

Eyeliner - Upper and Lower $950

Lip Liner - $650

Full Lip - Lip Liner and Fill In $950

(All of these prices include a required touch up within 4-6 wks)

Microblading Brows

Microblading typically lasts 12 to 24 months
Brows $850
(Includes Two Treatments)

Consultation $30

*Will be applied to Permanent Make Up Service

Before     /       After

Permanent Make Up

& Microblading

in Summerville

Summerville Medical Spa



Before     /       After

Powder / Fog Style

Hair Stroke Style

Tatiana Reilean Perez, a Russian-born, Charleston-trained, SC Licensed Medical Aesthetician, and New York-trained & certified Permanent Make Up Artist. 

Tatiana is a consummate perfectionist. She uses her talents and training to create beautifully skilled and artistic permanent make up.

You will be delighted with your outcome!

Member of SPCF; Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals

Permanent Make Up & Microblading in Summerville and Charleston